Early Access Program for Truecaller Full Stack SDK.

Welcome to the Early Access Program for Truecaller Full Stack SDK

What is Truecaller Full Stack SDK?

Truecaller Full Stack SDK allows you to verify non-Truecaller users as well for phone number based verification/ sign-up/ login via missed call/ OTP service. This is in addition and extension to the already existing functionality of being able to verify/ sign-up/ login via phone number for Truecaller users.

Currently, available for Native Android and React Native Apps and for App developers who are building and publishing apps for the Indian market (only).

We continue to keep it a commercial free SDK, no limits for user verification whatsoever.

Selection Criteria

  • you should have published a LIVE Android (native)/ React (for Android) app accessible to users
  • your app should be published for Indian market only
  • more than 20,000 lifetime downloads, and addressable to Indian users

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Once you have applied and if you get shortlisted for Early Access Program, Truecaller Developer Platform team will get in touch with you to help you with next steps.

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