Rapido leverages Truecaller platform to acheive OTP-less mobile number verification, thus resulting into more ride bookings.

Rapido is India’s first and fastest growing Bike Taxi app in India. It operates in over 90+ cities across the country and is on a mission to solve last-mile connectivity issues. With over 10 million happy customers and 100 million rides, Rapido ensures safe and economical rides for intra-city travellers.

Being mobile-only with a disruptive model that has added a whole new meaning to intra-city travel, having mobile number based identity becomes critical and imperative for bringing about convenience and ease for masses.


To provide timely updates and drive higher lifetime value, having customer's valid & verified mobile number is of utmost importance.

The key bottlenecks Rapido faced in their user verification flow were:

1. Failures with SMS based OTP verification process during registration led to loss of about 12-15% users.

2. The lengthier and multi-step onboarding led more splits leading to user drops and thus bad user experience.

3. Such drop-offs at onboarding stage led to loss in orders and consequently, revenue growth

How Truecaller SDK helped

When Rapido implemented Truecaller SDK on it's Android app as a primary mode of user identity, Rapido witnessed:

1. with 1-tap, instant verification flow, no. of complete signups/ logins increased, since NO SMS OTP was required for verification - leading to reduced drops at first step itself

2. By capturing mapped user profile such as name, email ID, etc. Rapido was able to reduce the number of steps/ screens - thus enabling quick user activation

3. Since users didn't need to manually enter mobile number or any other details, they were quickly able to move more users from verification stage to ride booking attempts

With verification via Truecaller SDK live on Rapido app, more users adopted to the seamless, 1-click process and got into Rapido app in an instant.


With Truecaller as primary mode of user verification, Rapido achieved higher app install-to-signup ratio, while minimizing it's OTP SMS costs by over 60%


of daily verifications on Rapido app without OTP


increase in successful user verification


increase in number of rides booking

No mobile identify toolkit is simpler than Truecaller SDK. It was quick to setup and we could go live within a day. Eliminating OTP step while signup was a dream come true. I strongly recommend using Truecaller SDK to every mobile first company out there.

Rishikesh SR

Co-founder at Rapido

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