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Truecaller SDK

Why Truecaller SDK?

Truecaller SDK is a product and part of the truecaller developer platform for creating a vibrant ecosystem across globe and especially across emerging markets of app developers, startups and businesses by leveraging the mobile identity as a key foundation! Truecaller is the world’s leading mobile# based identity and communication platform for users and now we have opened it up for businesses, startups and app developers to leverage the same to build and scale a more trust based business and products, offer a frictionless and safe way for users, merchants to on-board and use their products! In a win-win manner.

Mobile# is the identity and not email id in India! Truecaller is the world’s leading mobile identity platform. As businesses and startups you need to frictionlessly verify the mobile# identity of your user coming into your product- app, system, website!
The more verified users you have as a business, the more trust you create in your platform and minimize issues related to user loyalty, frauds, engagement, personalization etc.

How is truecaller SDK different from google login, facebook login, facebook accountkit?

Truecaller SDK is a mobile# based identity solution that can be used in 3rd party apps and websites for user signup, login, autofill(registration form), OTP Less verification.
Phone# =Truecaller

Facebook and google are e-mail based logins and signup solutions. Accountkit from Facebook is OTP based login solution. In emerging markets OTP has its challenges and user manually has to enter details etc.

Truecaller SDK is an OTP less phone# based login, verification solution and ultra lightweight solution and absolutely free for lifetime. It’s a mobile identity verification product and not just a login or signup solution!

Could I use Truecaller SDK anywhere in my product flow?

Truecaller SDK is a customizable solution and use it in your flow where you are verifying the user’s mobile# based identity. It could be signup, login, or during checkout or anywhere else in your flow.

What all details do I receive from truecaller SDK if I use it for my product user verification?

With user consent you get the details like:

  • mobileNumber – 100%
  • firstName – 100%
  • lastName – 100%
  • email – a very large percentage
  • isTrueName: if user's name is verified

and many more details if the user has filled in the truecaller profile.

+ A bunch of signals:

  • verificationTimestamp: Timestamp when the user was verified
  • isSimChanged : Whether the SIM card present in the device has been changed after user verified on truecaller

Will truecaller take any data from my system as part of this integration?

No, truecaller SDK is a one SDK! We do not take any data from your system to our system.

What’s in it for Truecaller to offer Truecaller SDK for free?

Truecaller is like the Google of phone#s. We are a mobile# based identity and communication platform. We are creating a mobile identity based ecosystem where users can frictionlessly and trustfully user 3rd party services/businesses. Likewise business can frictionlessly on-board, verify users with their primary phone# based identity and create more verified user, engagement, personalization and trust in their systems!

Does truecaller SDK use cases are for specific business verticals?

Truecaller SDK is a vertical agnostic and platform agnostic product and used for user’s mobile identity verification across any business/startup/app verticals- fintech, classifieds, education, health, travel, food & grocery, payments, recharges etc where you need to verify the user’s mobile# identity!

Verifying the mobile identity of your user is key in India! Even more important than the email id!

What support truecaller will provide for startups, developers, businesses for truecaller SDK integration in our products?

  • Free of cost support
  • Design and integration and technical support
  • Clinics with appropriate startups for integration
  • Talk about them in partnership with the startups in various local startup/developer/business forums/meetups etc.

Can Truecaller SDK be made exclusive to certain businesses/startups?

No it is an open solution and anybody from anywhere in the world can register, access and integrate truecaller SDK in their product and absolutely free of cost via our global online and self serve developer portal ->

Please focus on the value proposition vs. on the exclusivity ☺

No contracts, legal documents to be signed. it is an online self serve solution and like any other developer product globally can be accessed and downloaded and used from our online global developer portal -

Is there any privacy issues or concerns for using truecaller SDK?

Truecaller SDK is a user consent based flow and hence no privacy issues! It is a secured and safe solution includes both client and then server side verifications(optional). SO fully safe and secured solution to be used. 100s of business, startups across fintech, insurance, ecommerce, health, classifieds, delivery, education, lending etc are already using the solution in markets like India and other places.

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