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What does my Truecaller developer account allows me to do

Once you setup your Truecaller developer account you can:

  • reset your password
  • create new applications and get the credentials for using Truecaller APIs
  • edit an existing app

What do I need to create an app?

  • If you have an Android app you need a valid: name, packageName and a fingerPrint
  • if you have an iOS app you'll need a valid name, bundleId and a teamId
  • if you have a web app, you’ll need a valid name public url for the app and callback.
  • There’s additional metadata that you’ll be asked to add for your app

What are the limitations for creating apps?

You cannot have:

  • more than one Android app active with the same package name and a SHA1 fingerprint
  • more than one iOS app active with the same bundle Id and a teamId
  • more than one web app with the same public url and a callback
  • If you want a new key for the same combination of params, you will need to deactivate the existing app first and then create a new one with the same identifiers

What are the limitations of editing apps?

You will not be able to edit main identifiers of apps (package name, fingerprint, bundleId, teamId, public web name). In case you need to an app with the same package name but a different fingerprint, you will need to create a new app.

You can also activate and deactivate your application. You won’t be able to activate an application with identifiers that are already used by your apps.

You are also free to edit callback.

Why can’t I see all my apps in my developer portal?

Recently, we introduced change in how we handle applications from our Truecaller developers. If you’re not able to see all your apps in the portal, please send us in all the package names with which your apps are created. We will make sure we map them to the single account you’re using.

I have had more than one developer’s account. I want to be able to have only one account through which I’ll be able to manage all my apps

If you have more than one account and want to use only one, please contact us by sending all your usernames, stating which one you want to keep. We will make sure we map them to the single account you want to use.

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