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Android SDK

Why do I get "Partner Unauthorized [ ERROR_TYPE : 3 ] " error?

  • using a wrong appKey
  • using the right key with either or both wrong packageName and fingerPrint

Please note that if you want to use the fingerPrint, don't forget to use the base64 encoding of the original fingerprint value. In any case, using appKey only is enough for authenticating your app with the Truecaller API.

one partner key can be used only for a particular combination of Package Name and SHA1. Different partner key needs to be used for any different combination of the two

How do I verify the authenticity of truecaller SDK response ?

  • To verify the response details, you need to send the payload and signature from your sdk response to your server and use any standard signature matching algorithm for verification.
  • Sample code snippets and steps can be found here:

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