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Where can I use the truecaller Web API?

You can use the truecaller web API with you desktop site, mobile site and PWAs

How much time does it take for the notification to get delivered to the user’s device?

As soon as you trigger our API for user verification, we immediately send the push notification to the user’s device.

If the notification is successfully delivered, we send you the requestId corresponding to that request. In case the user is not verified with us / not active, we send you an error response.

The whole process typically takes a few milliseconds.

I am unable to add the callback URL to my developer portal account

The callback you add needs to be an https endpoint. You won’t be able to add an http endpoint. Please ensure that you have the SSL setup before adding the callback URL

I am getting the following error message: { "code": 1008, "message": "Forbidden: It is forbidden to use sdk login for this phone number." }

The above error code is returned in two cases:

  • The phone number is no more active on Truecaller
  • You are passing an incorrect format of the users’ mobile number [ ex. not passing the country code ]

The phone number should contain the country code as well i.e For India, it should look like : 918146814184

Once we trigger the notification from our end to the user’s device, we have a set timeout [ 240 seconds ] until which the user can chose to tap the notification and share his consent.

We usually encourage partners to have a timeout implementation at their end in case the user does not share his consent, to fallback to the other implementation / flow to verify the details.

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