Truecaller SDK for
mobile apps

Verify user mobile numbers without
sending an SMS/drop-call

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How it works

User taps Truecaller
login button
User shares
Mobile number verified w/o
OTP & profile acquired
User onboarded


Reduce drop-offs
while onboarding

Complete verification in seconds

Same user across
all your apps

One user, one verification

Genuine user
details auto-filled

Trusted Truecaller mobile identities

Your app
Your UI

Quick to Integrate with just a few lines of code

Don't lose focus
from your business

Uses Truecaller’s world-class verification infrastructure

Simple REST

Quick to Integrate with just a few lines of code

India’s leading online pharmacy brand with a wide range of prescriptions and home delivery of medicines.
"Truecaller SDK enabled us to obtain verified user identities, right at the time of signup, significantly improving sign up rates while reducing hurdles associated with OTP based registration processes. For a mobile first country like India, Truecaller SDK helped us bridge the chasm to giving users a seamless and automated mobile registration process thus reducing user drop offs and increasing engagement across the board."
Gaurav Agrawal - Co-founder & CTO, 1mg
of all users onboarded via Truecaller
increase in successful user signups
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