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Improve your user funnel for more users with mobile number verification SDKs for mobile web and apps.

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With Truecaller SDK, you achieve

Convert more users by reducing drops in lesser steps

Leverage scale of 250+ million verified Truecaller app users

Build with world-class verification infrastructure

Quick integration time with standard, light-weight SDKs

Build for multiple use cases
across your product stages
and user funnel
mobile number based login/ signup at onboarding
user number verification at cart checkout
auto-fill verified user details during guest checkout
capture high-intent user/ leads on your campaign pages
and more…
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Rapido - India’s largest bike taxi service, operating in over 75 cities with 50+ million rides

"No mobile identify toolkit is simpler than Truecaller SDK. It was quick to setup and we could go live within a day. We observed that it helped us in reducing user drop offs and increasing engagement. With the mass scale that Truecaller has, I strongly recommend using Truecaller SDK to every mobile first company out there.”

- Rishikesh SR, co-founder & CTO, Rapido

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More users signed-up on Rapido app, with improved install-to-signup ratio

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