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1mg Streamlines User Experience and Boosts Conversion with Truecaller SDK Integration

Vishant Khare

Feb 20th, 20232 min readEdited on Jun 13th, 2023

About 1MG:

1mg is a leading digital healthcare provider in India, with a presence in over 1,000 cities. It offers millions of customers a wide range of services using mobile devices for browsing and shopping. With mobile numbers being the primary identity for these users, having verified mobile number identities is crucial for 1mg to provide timely updates and enhance customer lifetime value.

Challenges Faced:

1mg encountered several challenges in their user onboarding and checkout processes:

  • Lengthy forms and multiple steps during checkout discouraged users and led to cart abandonment.
  • Device fragmentation, varying speeds, and network latency impacted the user experience, reducing completion rates.
  • OTP delays and failures for mobile number verification resulted in losing 12-15% of users.

Solution: Truecaller SDK Integration:

1MG Login via Truecaller SDK Flow

1mg addressed these challenges by implementing Truecaller SDK on its Android app as the primary mode of user identity. This integration led to significant improvements:

  • The 1-tap, instant verification flow eliminated the need for SMS OTPs, reducing drop-offs and increasing the number of complete signups and logins.
  • Truecaller SDK allowed 1mg to capture user profiles such as name, email, and more with just a single tap, streamlining user activation and checkout by reducing the number of steps and screens.
  • The automatic capture of user details enabled faster progression from verification to order placement.


Truecaller SDK enabled us to obtain verified user identities right at the time of signup, significantly improving sign-up rates while reducing hurdles associated with OTP-based registration processes. For a mobile-first country like India, Truecaller SDK helped us bridge the chasm of giving users a seamless and automated mobile registration process, thus reducing user drop-offs and increasing engagement across the board.

Gaurav Agarwal

Co-founder & CTO at 1MG


Vishant Khare

Feb 20th, 20232 min read

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